Bull Riding With nothing more than a rope, one hand and a truckload of confidence, the cowboy must ride out any jump, twist, turn or buck that the animal can execute in a turbulent eight seconds.

Bronc Riding A 200-pound man vs a 1,000-pound bucking bronco.  Each cowboy is judged on how hard the horse bucks and how well the cowboy rides.  Nothing simple about riding an untamed half-ton animal while it bucks, jumps & gallops.

Bareback Riding With absolutely minimal rigging, the rider lays on the back of the bucking beast for eight seconds. Scores are derived from the power, tenacity and speed of the horse in relation to how well the cowboy maintaining proper form and control.

Calf Roping Ever struggled tying shoes or a tie, try doing that while jumping off a sprinting horse, throwing a calf and keeping it tied up as it does everything it can to defy you. Born out of necessity for catching & restraining sick calves.

Team Roping Header and heeler are a mounted pair of cowboys who must execute precise timing and coordination between both two- and four-legged participants to catch the steer’s head and hind legs respectively.

Steer Wrestling A team event requiring a wrestler to leap from a galloping horse onto a horned steer at a dead run. As the wrestler and hazer pursue the steer on horseback, the wrestler must throw himself (and caution) to the wind as he tackles the sprinting bovine. Arms around the horns, the cowboy uses the proper leverage and strength to flip the steer to its side.

Barrel Racing – A fast-paced event combining the elements of a race with  horsemanship, must negotiate a clover-leaf pattern of barrels. The fastest time upon course completion and without hitting any barrels takes the prize money

Mutton Bustin’ – Child vs sheep! Young cowboys & cowgirls mount their woolly competition and try to hang on tight!

Calf Scramble – 5 Calves with a ribbons on their tails brave the anxious mob of children. First 5 children with a ribbon win!

Cowboy Poker – Four brave cowboy sit at a table, 2000lbs of ornery muscle & horns is released eager to test their courage, in this case, last man sitting wins!

Wild Cow Milking Teams of 4, work to milk these cows that haven’t been milked before and are sure only their calves belong there. First to fill the bottle wins!


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